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The primary purpose of this web-site is to encourage the expansion of knowledge and stimulate informed discussion amongst established, and also the newly initiated, collectors of Daniel wares in the products, methods of manufacture and the history of the Daniel family. It is not solely to announce newly discovered patterns and designs, although hopefully this may indeed happen from time to time.

Collectors of Daniel ceramics, or any other persons offering to share relevant information regarding the Daniel family and their products, or who may even wish to submit a short article for future inclusion on this web-site which they consider may be of some assistance to other like-minded researchers, are invited to provide brief details by firstly contacting this web-site via email, details on the Contact Us (see below).


Any information that is, or may be in the future, displayed on this web-site site is freely provided to assist collectors of Daniel wares by the mutually beneficial expansion of knowledge. However, it must also be stated that the downloading, copying, or the reproduction by any other method for the purpose of re-distribution of the illustrations, images or text shown on these pages without prior agreement is strictly prohibited. Contact with this web-site can be made by email and after which the granting of any such permission will then be considered.


Please note that this web-site is not connected in any way to any other web-site, society or organisation with a similar name.

It should again be repeated that access to the contents of these web-pages is completely free, we are not a formally constituted Collectors Society or Circle, and prefer a more informal approach without a committee, officers or subscriptions etc. We do this purely for the love of the subject; the porcelain, earthenware and the history of the Daniel family.

We hope you enjoy browsing these pages, and return occasionally to view any new and updated articles and illustrations that, hopefully, will regularly appear.


We would be delighted to receive photographs of rare or unusual items of Daniel wares from fellow collectors for possible inclusion on these pages in future editions, and with that contributor still retaining any relevant Copyright. Please forward initial details via email, see 'Contact Us' below.


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