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Although the Daniel Pattern Book in the Victoria and Albert Museum gives us a valuable insight into the products made by the Daniel factory, it is incomplete. By using features that have been positively identified and then seeing the same features on other unidentified items, it may be possible to fill in some of the gaps in the Daniel range. These pieces may well have their own unique features and hence the progression or evolution begins. An example of natural progression can be seen on the pieces below. The Mayflower vase at the top has been positively identified as a Daniel piece with its intricate florets and typical lid incorporating the Mayflower/C-Scroll moulding and Mayflower finial that have been seen on other Mayflower pieces.


Then we come to the second piece. This has many of the features of the Mayflower vase with its pierced and flared gallery, its interwoven handles and body shape. On this piece though the base has slightly different mouldings and the finial is completely different with interwoven vines and hanging grapes. Still a definate Daniel and a natural progression.


The next vase again shows us a flared and pierced gallery, interwoven handles that only differ from its predecessors because the shape of the body has changed and has become more bulbous.


Then we come to the fourth vase. The boulbous body and handles that are similar to those found on the Daniel "196" vase. The finial of this example is taken from the second piece again featuring the hanging grapes.


Reg Turner.





Our thanks go to Reg Turner for his thoughts on this subject, and supplying some of the superb items featured above.

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