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All collectors of Daniel porcelain have, for a long time, known of the unique business arrangements between Henry Daniel and Josiah Spode, unique in that of the 500 workers on the site approximately 190 were employed directly by Henry. For some time I have wanted to know if there was still any traces of the Daniel factory within the Spode complex. I then discovered an excellent book, Spode-Copeland-Spode The works and its people 1770 - 1970 by Vega Wilkinson.


This book details plans of the factory from 1833. After scrutinizing these plans, the drawings clearly show the decorating shops with three kilns. Page 238-239 then show the works plans in 1911 and 1930 respectively, and the three kilns are still shown. The book also shows a pencil sketch of the decorating shop with the kilns in the background being described as "A composite pen and ink drawing of the decorating shops, with the buscuit oven on the left, and on the right Mr Daniel's enamelling kilns".


With this clearly now in my focus I then engaged the services of modern technology and Google Maps. Although the roadname nearest to the decorating shops has changed from Peel Street to Elenora Street, I moved onto street view and imagine my surprise to see the decorating shops still intact. From the time of Henry Daniel the builing has been modified to incorporate an additional floor. The book states that the emamelling kilns were commissioned and owned by Henry Daniel until he left in 1822, and that they were built to a higher standard, with them remaining as an integral part of the decorating area until they were replaced in the 20th century. A remarkable achievement given that they remained in use within the factory until the 1930's.


In September 2015, I visited the factory site and a kind security man let me take a few photographs. He referred to the area as being the 'Lithograph plant' and stated that the buildings were going to be refurbished into student accomodation.


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