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From Despair to Display.


Accidents do occur, and always will, as was the case for this rare variation of a Plain Edge creamer.

On arriving at a recent antiques fair David was saddened to see a well known dealer in the process of disposing of the fragmented parts of this once fine piece that had suffered, what at first view, appeared to be irreparable damage.

Rather than see the shards consigned to the ‘bin’ David, who has developed a passion for restoring ‘poorly’ porcelain back to useful life, was happy to relieve the dealer of the bag of bits, and soon after returning home began to apply the process of cosmetic surgery.

Whilst the days of this unusual piece of H&R Daniel teaware ‘ringing’ sweetly when lightly tapped are sadly long gone, it has now been restored to a condition where it can be considered as a very useful ‘reference piece’, as can be seen in the accompanying photographs.

Sadly evidence of a pattern number was not found on any of the pieces, and the editors would be delighted if any viewer of this web-site could advise us of this number.

Whilst David currently has no intention of providing a restoration service to fellow Daniel collectors, he is always happy to acquire damaged items on which to practise his skills of ‘resuscitation’.


(As a collector its always very useful to have a son who has skills like this!)

Tony Shaw. January 2016


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