Ann DANIEL b.1713


H & R Daniel


Makers of the finest late Regency Porcelain

Ann DANIEL 1713 - 1798 (The Brownhills Daniels of Burslem and Cobridge)


Born in 1713 to Thomas Daniel and Alice Daniel (Nee Gent). Sister of Ralph, Thomas and Sampson, Ann Daniel, somewhat uniquely had achieved ‘Master Potter’ status even prior to her marriage to John Warburton.


John Warburton had inherited, and was running a reasonably successful salt glazed stoneware manufactory in Hot Lane, Cobridge, but within a couple of years of their marriage John had died leaving the enterprising Ann (then known locally as 'The Widow Warburton') in sole charge until she was later to be joined by her son Thomas, the company then began trading as Ann Warburton & Son.


Ann built the company into an extremely influential enterprise, and with some help from her brother Ralph Daniel established a wide based clientele, including an important out-let for her products in Holland, at that time then being a major centre of production for European glazed pottery. She was also selling into the fast growing American market, and into which at times she even out-sold Wedgwood, who held Ann in such high regard that he regularly contracted her to enamel and decorate some of his own creamware at her Hot Lane works.