John DANIEL b.1756


H & R Daniel


Makers of the finest late Regency Porcelain

John DANIEL 1756-1821 (Son of Ralph Daniel of Brownhills and Cobridge)


John Daniel, the son of the previously mentioned Ralph, was appointed as manager at the New Hall works and played an increasingly important role in expanding the company, this resulted in him soon being invited to join the companies Board of Partners.

In 1810 the then partners; Samuel Hollins of Shelton, Peter Warburton of Cobridge and William Clowes of Port Hill, and which by then also included John Daniel, purchased the New Hall estate on which the manufactory stood for £6800. When Peter Warburton died in 1813 he left his share of the company to be divided between his father Jacob, and John Daniel, who were both trustees.

In around 1815 John Daniel was living at Endon House, which is recorded as then being a fine house with gardens, nurseries and fish ponds. He was regarded as a ‘free thinker’ and when he died in 1821 was buried without religious ceremony in un-consecrated ground on his own land, as was his sister Alice, who died in 1827.