John DANIEL b.1802


H & R Daniel


Makers of the finest late Regency Porcelain

John DANIEL 1802 - 1865


John DANIEL was born in 1802 to Henry DANIEL and Elizabeth DANIEL (nee) DYER. John went to school at Chapel Chorlton which is a small village some 6.5 miles South West of Newcastle-under-Lyme. The school was in the old manor house and for many years was a boarding school. John appears to have been well educated and rather than following his father into Spode, was employed by Mr Threlfall, a Merchant Banker of York Street, Liverpool.


Aged 20, John left Threlfall, and despite his fathers protests joined Henry in 1822 and assisted in the development of the factory in London Road, Stoke. This company first being Daniel and Son, which later became H and R DANIEL when Richard went into partnership with his father. It is not known why John was not recorded as a partner in this factory, but in 1826 John was made a partner in the second factory which opened in Bedford Row, Shelton.


Around 1826, John married Maria RHEAD, the sister of his friend Sampson RHEAD, before leaving Staffordshire some three years later to establish his own company: John Daniel and Co., China Rooms, 1 High Street, Nottingham. This new company auctioned ceramics made at the two Daniel factories directly to the public, and also sold glassware manufactured in Birmingham by Bacchus, Green and Green. George Bacchus & Sons, originally called Bacchus & Green, was a manufacturer of pressed glass by using a plunger to force molten glass into a cast-iron mold. John Daniel's venture into auctioneering was short lived, and records show that on 22nd December 1830 a further auction was held to dispose of John Daniel's stock and assets.


In 1838, while still involved in his father's manufactury at Stoke, John DANIEL and Sampson RHEAD went into partership in Boothen Road, and was probably producing eartherware. In 1846 John DANIEL, possibly independent of Sampson RHEAD, was still involved in the manufacturing of colours and glazes. This production was not only using his own recipes, but more than likely those of his late father Henry, who on his death in 1841 bequithed his recipes for making china, earthenware, glazes and enamels and all other papers to John.


In 1849 DANIEL and RHEAD went into business with Thomas FORRESTER taking a half share in FORRESTERS coal mine. It is not known how long this partnership lasted, however, John DANIEL was still conducting colour trials between 1851 and 1861 as his notebooks showing details of this are still in existance.


The census for 1851 lists John Daniel and his wife Maria as living at the home of their eldest son Henry Charles Daniel. John's occupation is simply stated as 'Late potter'. However, 10 years later in the 1861 census John, still living with his wife Maria, is now listed as 'Head of the household', and his occupation being 'Manufacturer in colours' and 'Clerk in Iron works'.



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