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Walter DANIEL 1749-1818

Walter Daniel was born in 1749 at Burslem, his parents, Thomas Daniel and Mary (Nee. Machin) had been married in 1737 at Audley, a small village to the north of the Potteries.

Not a great deal is known about Walter’s early life, but he and his brother Timothy Daniel would have undoubtedly been apprenticed to the trade leading to them both, but albeit separately, being later recorded as producing their own versions of ‘Cream and Red’ earthenware pottery.

In 1785 Walter is listed as the proprietor of the Waterloo pottery, and was obviously successful because while there he commenced the building of a new pottery at Newport on the southern edge of Burslem, together with an adjacent house, that at the time was described as a fine residence.

Walter’s Newport works began production in 1795, and at around the same time he then commissioned the excavation of the ‘Burslem Branch’ from the Trent and Mersey canal at Newport into the heart of Burslem, which also benefited many of the other potters in the town by providing them with access to the rapidly expanding canal network and thus links to many of the major cities and ports.

Evidence of Walter’s life-style can be gained from the ‘foot print’ of his house, shown below, which also shows the Burslem Branch Canal that passed immediately behind his home.

A brief history of the Newport House and Works was later recorded in local journals, as shown below.

Very little of the Blue & White pottery produced by Walter Daniel has survived the two centuries that have passed since it was made, and even fewer of the surviving pieces have been found that were marked by Walter, which makes the example that is illustrated below so extremely rare.

Tony Shaw May 2017


The pattern is known as 'Lady with Parasol'.

After selling both his Newport Pottery and Newport House to John Davenport in 1810 Walter Daniel retired to Hassel Hall in Cheshire, where he died in 1818.

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